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This year, for the first time, we are funding a partnership which has the explicit aim of bringing about local systems change. Our partnership with Crisis and Brent Council takes a collaborative, place-based approach to ending homelessness in Brent.

Part of Crisis’ overall strategy is to show that homelessness can be ended in specific geographical locations. Our work together in Brent focuses on a combination of direct services to people affected by homelessness, influencing local systems to improve the effectiveness of wider homelessness prevention services, and strengthening the local Homelessness Strategy.

The Brent Homelessness Forum brings together key local stakeholders, including charities, community groups and the local council, to coordinate services and explore improvements to homelessness pathways in the area. Our funding strengthens the existing forum structure and secures its continuity for the life of the partnership.

The partnership has already enabled improved lines of communication, more aligned working across homelessness and health services, and the development of a new initiative exploring experiences of migrant homelessness. When Covid-19 hit, the structures that had been put in place helped underpin a joined-up response in the borough, with voluntary and statutory agencies working closely together.

Atara Fridler, Director of Skylight Brent, says: “The partnership between Skylight Brent and the Berkeley Foundation amplifies the impact of our work in the local area. Our relationship allows Crisis to continue vital influencing work whilst also supporting our clients move out of homelessness, and although we are in the initial stages of our new partnership we know that the learnings will be important to how we work with others in the future. Not only is the Berkeley Foundation dedicated to our mission but they are a supportive and effective partner in making change.”

The partnership between Skylight Brent and the Berkeley Foundation amplifies the impact of our work in the local area. Atara Fridler, Director of Skylight Brent

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